When you find IT talent who compliments your culture, the results can be seen across your company.
We are IT consultants with over 20 years of experience managing and developing IT projects.

Digipath helps operationally create and enhance technology teams and drive client initiatives in digital transformation for startups and small companies. With low operating costs, we can offer an affordable price, filling the gap left by huge IT companies.

With a database of tech resumes on demand, strict recruitment and hiring processes, and H.R. business partners and agreements, Digipath has been growing across the years.

We are a technology-first company. We stay at the leading edge of programming languages, frameworks and methodologies. Also, Digipath have re-imagined the human work experience. Through decades of industry experience we understand what it takes to consult, design and build successful workforce management solutions.

In the end, all we want to achieve are long lasting and TRUSTING relationships with our clients, or as we like to call them, partners.


Most recruitment process outsourcing companies try to say they do everything well, however, as they are not specialized, they typically fail at hiring for some of the more difficult and critical roles for an organization: IT positions.

Staffing is a full H.R. service we provide that will allow you to focus in your core business.

  • Recruitment and H.R. processes

    From a pool of talent and a strict recruitment and selection process that guarantees a successful implementation of IT services, designed to integrate with your work team and resulting in a substantial increase in your company’s profitability.

  • Transparency & Availability

    Each consultant is 100% accessible on a day-to-day basis through communication and project management tools to ensure you have full control over your team. We can also schedule face-to-face meetings both in our facilities or in your organization, with the objective to do the most efficient and productive collaboration.

  • Flexibility

    Great talent can be found at the best cost thanks to the nearshore advantages. Either if you are a startup with a great idea, or small company seeking for help on the maintenance of your current software, we’ll adapt to your budget to make the best out of it.

  • Full management

    Project leaders and managers carrying out the projects, managing and analyzing data related to the team’s progress. They’ll lead and guide your assigned consultants through all the stages of the project. They don’t only talk, they also do a lot to enhance the work.

Staffing is a full H.R. service we provide that will allow you to focus in your core business.

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Combining best practices with outsourcing gets the best results – and cost savings.

Nearshore Benefits

Combining best practices with outsourcing gets the best results – and cost savings.

  • No language barriers

    You will find a workforce that is not only substantially lower in cost, yet also speaks English. Communicating with us will be quite easy.

  • Similar culture

    Due to Mexico’s proximity with the U.S. and Canada, cultural differences are small and cultural affinity is high. Also, Mexicans are very familiar with U.S. and Canadian lifestyles, travel often or have attended school in the U.S.

  • Matching time zone

    We are conveniently located in Guadalajara, México, city commonly known as the “Latin Silicon Valley”. We work in or near our US client’s Time Zone, allowing us to interact with their staff in real-time. Also, travel time and costs to travel are dramatically reduced, allowing us to increase face-to-face interactions.

  • Reduced operating costs

    Our location allows us to provide same or better quality tech employees at improved rates. “Companies interested in the cost and quality benefits of offshore labor, but which require a closer, less risky solution should strongly consider Mexico as an important nearshore option.” – Forrester Research.

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